ALM Transcription, LLC is a family-owned small business that provides fast, reliable, accurate transcription services for the legal, business, local government agencies, and online marketing communities. All employees are U.S. based which means there are no language barriers. Created by partners with backgrounds in legal transcribing, court reporting, business transcription, and a former IP paralegal; ALM Transcription, LLC brings a vast knowledge of court room experience, legal proceedings, business conferences, dictation, production capability, and much more. We focus on new technology, including digital reporting that allows us to create 100% accurate transcripts in a timely manner. We have the flexibility to incorporate client-prescribed templates, too.

Our cost-effective methods of transcribing services are designed to cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients. Our methodology consistently provides our clients with high quality, cost effective results. It is the foundation of our organization to provide you with the very best in quality, reliability, timeliness, and most importantly the customer communication and satisfaction.

Whether we’re performing transcription work for government agencies, public or private industry conferences, medical industry meetings, focus groups, interviews, depositions, hearings, government transcription, dictation, doctor’s reports, company training programs, classroom teaching videos, television programs – know that we have the experience and drive necessary to be a key team member in keeping your organization running at peak performance.

The ALM Transcription, LLC production team works with your organization to custom tailor our processes to be in line with your specific requirements. We provide the necessary technical assistance to ensure that we meet your goals on-time every single time. The highest quality and customer satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, our work product should require additional modification after your review, we will make the appropriate adjustments at no additional cost.

We urge you to utilize our knowledge, skills, and abilities to become an important member of your team so that you can save money and direct your in-house resources to tasks that are most beneficial to your ultimate success! We’ll review and work with you on your custom specifications, provide you a quote, and prepare to set-up your project. Give us a call today, and thank you.  703-957-TYPE (8973).