Podcast and Webcast TranscribingAt ALM Transcription, L.L.C., we know and understand how our fast-paced, technologically saturated world can be overwhelming at times. This also means that people generally don’t have the time to sit and watch a podcast in its entirety, sometimes regardless of the length.

Despite what some folks might believe, you can increase your web content, increase your website traffic, turn your content into a free or for-fee e-book, you will undoubtedly add value to your podcast, and most importantly you will be making your content readable by search engines which is critical for search engine optimization and improving the search ranking of your website.

While we completely understand the concept of producers of podcasts and webcasts wanting their audience to visit and listen to their podcasts, there are people out there who may have certain limitations that would prevent them from hearing their podcasts and webcasts. In those cases, and even in the cases where someone would much rather read the transcript of your podcast or webcast on a long airline flight or as a passenger in a car or on a train, reading has always been and will continue to be — fundamental.

Improve the reach of your work. Increase the potential for your audience. Podcast transcription and webcast transcription is an easy and affordable way to do this that will pay you back in the potential search engine benefits alone. When the bots, crawlers, and spiders visit your website, they’re not going to “sit there and listen” to your podcast. They’re hungry for something to read and that’s where a transcription of your podcasts’ contents come up huge for your website.

How can we help you increase your audience? Well, those suffering with a hearing impairment cannot hear your podcast, but they might love to read your content. How about people who are not fluent in English? Many times, we’re strapped for time and with podcasts, it’s not unusual for a producer to speak speedily. For those who are not fluent in English, but perhaps have a good grasp, a documented transcript of the content will bring them to your site and make it easier to become a loyal follower of all you have to offer.

Podcast and Webcast TranscribingFinally, with the proliferation of handheld devices, e-Readers, Kindles, iPhones and iPads, and Nooks and whatever else is coming out, chock-full of applications at light-speed, I can assure you that the masses are not giving up on the written word. It’s a medium that has been around for nearly all of time and will continue to be well into the future. And as good as technology can be, people still experience lags, drop-offs, and other such technological anomalies that make the documented podcast transcription an invaluable tool for your organization, your website, and your business.