Video Multimedia Transcribing ServicesOur timely and accurate video transcription services and media transcription services for filmmakers and video producers represents the perfect supporting efforts for your work product.

The exceedingly busy media professionals are constantly in motion, often juggling multiple projects at one time. The last thing you need to be doing is managing media transcribing and video transcribing in-house. It’s the creative process which transitions into hard production work that makes you the success that you are. Whether you’re working the production meetings, direction video shoots in-house or on location, managing editing sessions, there is an endless stream of creative and production tasks to be done.

This is where ALM Transcription, L.L.C. supports your team and is prepared to handle all of your media transcribing and video transcription services. We’re experts in transcribing your interviews, raw footage, movie shorts, behind-the-scenes features, televisions shows, online and YouTube videos, every one of the important recordings that drive your business and need to be transcribed. ALM Transcription, L.L.C. exists to provide you with the transcription services you require in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner. We can do it from documentaries, news segments, promotional videos, infomercials, YouTube shorts and so much. While we’re working on that, you can be advancing to and through the next stage or your project. We’ll get the transcript turned around in a timely manner and back to you so that you can hand us the next project.

Are you a production company with older televisions programs and want us to create transcripts for closed-captioning or other purposes? We can do that, too!

We want to be part of your organizational team. Our goal is to help you save time, money, to help free up your critical staff to handle the types of activities that add far more value to your organization than creating the very best transcriptions. That’s our job. Give ALM Transcription, L.L.C. services a call today and offer us the opportunity to show you just how important we can be to your overall success.  703-985-TYPE (8973)