We have split our pricing into the separate services we provide as each entails specific needs to ensure accuracy and a timely turnaround. Please view the tables below for your desired transcription service.

Court reporting companies looking to outsource transcription work, please contact us for special pricing opportunities.  We want to be your go-to source for transcriptions services.

Transcription companies looking for a high-quality source for overflow work assistance, please contact us to make partnership arrangements.

Legal Transcription

All of our legal transcripts for depositions, hearings, trials, and arbitrations are set on the standard 25 line page with 60 text characters per line. All legal transcripts include a complimentary min-u-script and keyword indexing. Pricing is PER PAGE.

Delivery Time Original
7 Day 3.95
5 Day 4.45
3 Day 4.95
Next Day 5.45
Same Day 5.95


Memorandums, General Office Dictation or Other Recordings

Everyday legal and business communications can be digitally recorded and transcribed by our staff so your paralegals and secretaries can focus on revenue generating activities. Delivered in Word or PDF format. Price is PER MINUTE, based on clear audio and 1 speaker.

Delivery Time Email Copy
2 Days 1.50
Next Day 2.00
Same Day 2.50


Meetings, Conferences, Teleconferences

Meetings and other events that have 2 or more people talking are priced as follows. Transcripts are delivered in Word or PDF in the standard 25 line page with 60 text characters per line. Pricing is PER PAGE, based on clear audio.

Delivery Time Email Copy
7 Day 3.25
5 Day 3.75
3 Day 4.25
Next Day 4.75
Same Day 5.25


YouTube, Podcasts, Videos, Online Media

Transcriptions of YouTube videos, podcasts and other online media is helpful for search engines or creating other forms of content. All transcripts are delivered in your choice of Word or PDF format. Pricing is PER MINUTE, based on clear audio.

Delivery Time Up to 3 People 4 or More People
2 Days 2.00  2.50
Next Day 2.50  3.00
Same Day 3.00  3.50